About Voodoo for Health & Fun … a good natured ‘jab’ to amuse, tickle, inspire and motivate. 

While there are those people today who believe in the power of voodoo and may perform rituals to fulfill dreams or desires, many have come to enjoy voodoo dolls just for fun.

With this in mind and the help of a friend, I designed and had these Fun Voodoo Dolls 4 Health & Fun manufactured.  They are stuffed printed back and front muslin dolls, 10” tall with a pin in the heart, directions for use and a ribbon on top for hanging.  They are definitely a good-natured ‘jab’ to amuse, tickle, inspire and motivate!

I have personally kept THE THIN THINKER hanging by a magnet on my refrigerator door for a long time as a great reminder anytime I go to open that door.  I have given male professional friends THE EXECUTIVE on special occasions “to keep successful”.  After all, who wants bill collectors, cancelled credit cards, lost accounts, unfair competition and the many other things that can happen derail success.

And just think how many people are practicing fitness today .  Wouldn’t it be great if a ‘jab’ at sore muscles, aching joints and over exertion on THE FITNESS FAN would solve the aches and pains?

THE YOUNG THINKERS, male and female, are fun and ideal birthday gifts for all mature ages. I have given and sold many of these for special birthdays.  When people start receiving black balloons or Geritol for those milestone birthdays, this is the perfect gift.

According to Cincinnati magazine, “The Fun Dolls can make life seem a little more bearable.  Each ten-inch muslin doll – the Executive, Thin Thinker, Fitness Fan and him or her Young Thinker – is imprinted with the pitfalls that plaque (and there’s room to add some of your own).  They come with a trusty little pin to poke – with love, of course – at life’s rusty parts, frustrations, aches and pains or ubiquitous chocolate cravings.”


Kay Farrell