About Voodoo

For most people in the United States voodoo reminds them of black magic, witchcraft, and sorcery.  In many parts of the world such as Africa, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and Louisiana, however, it has been considered a religion which is followed today by an estimated fifty million people .  Persons put their faith into an individual who casts a spell or what is also known as a hex on someone or something. This spell could be good or bad.  It could be happy voodoo or black magic voodoo.

This spell or hex was most commonly done by a person known as a sorcerer, charmer, enchantress, shaman, magician, witch, wizard or others.  In Louisiana “voodoo queens” actually earned money creating charms, amulets and magical powders which they guaranteed to influence desired outcomes.  Their products were guaranteed to cure ailments, grant wishes or destroy enemies. It was Louisiana where dolls were introduced in America.